K-ON Yuri Doujin: UIBON!!

K-ON!! Yuri Doujin: UIBON!!
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This release is listed as both Uihon!! and Uibon!! in the doujinshi itself. So confusing. Trying to make sense of whether or not it is a pun or not, I’m not sure. It could just be “Ui Book”, or… Maybe… Ui is the character for grief or melancholy, and bon could be construed to good, family, or mediocrity. Seems to be leaning in favor of a melancholic family (Or simply Ui’s family)… To be honest this doujinshi definitely captures the characters to the degree it gives us such a complicated feeling.

Maybe this is all just too depressing.

Yui: The carefree one that is hurtfully naive.

Ui: The responsible one that’s completely infatuated with her sister… And get’s sick over it.

This doujinshi really hits the spot for any Yui/Ui lover out there. As such, Yurikai will be taking much more time with this release than normal. It’s an essential piece for the shipper’s collection.

Thanks To:
Yuribou Scans (Japanese Proofing)
windstar (Importing and Scanning)
Winterbraid (Proofing)
The denizens of #yuri on Rizon (Proofing)

「Alchemist Works」

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