K-ON Yuri Doujin: Onee-chan Daisuki!!

K-ON Yuri Doujin: Onee-chan Daisuki!!
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After a night of lonely playtime staring at pictures of her sister, Ui awakes with a bit of a cold. Unfortunately for her she has a quiz at school that day. The situation turns advantageous, in many ways, when she gets home and Yui arrives to take care of her.

In part two, we get a few more pages of Yui/Ui in the form of a short story about what happens after the first half, though this story is only loosely connected.

This was a pretty large project so hopefully it turned out okay. There were two translations that were left in romaji: the polite phrases Ojamashimasu and Itadakimasu. The first is used when someone enters someone else’s house, and the latter is used when one is about to eat. Besides these, I thought it would be worth mentioning that the author used a lot of strange sound words for the sex scenes. They were described as best as possible in English. And the sound words that would seem strange translated into English on top of the doujin were left in ANs throughout the doujinshi.

Thank yous go to Yuribou and Winterbraid!

「一番しぼり」Ichiban Shibori

「だいひー 筋肉☆太郎」Daihi-, Guest: Kinniku☆Tarou

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