Summer 2013 Anime Reviews

And by anime I mean yuri anime!  And by yuri anime I mean shows that yuri seekers might like!  I am pretty liberal in what I consider yuri though…  That said, this season was pretty good to us yuri fans.  And by yuri fans, I mean yuri fans like me.

Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

And here’s some Yuno/Miyako I drew awhile back for good measure before we begin.

Aikatsu! 8/10
This series has really surpassed my expectations and has become one of my favorites.  The episodes are fun and the characters are extremely likeable.  I’ve always shipped Ichigo and Aoi because I love best friend pairings but the ending really put the strawberry on top for these two.  Normally I don’t rate higher than 7.5 for series that lack a canon lesbian pair, but this series (like Madoka Magika) is so laden with subtext and pair-ability among the characters it felt wrong to rate it any lower.  IchiAo really stole my heart away I guess.  There was perhaps one episode out of all 50 that I was disappointed with, and that’s pretty good for such a long series.  Anyways, I’m really looking forward to the next season! (8.0; +0.5 strongly gay finale; -0.5 inconsistent art)

Choujigen Game Neptune ?
I ended up dropping this series, though I might finish it later.  It feels way too frivolous to me and with no long term value.

Dokidoki! Precure
This series is still going so official rating has to wait.  I’ll talk about it more when it ends~

Fantasista Doll 7/10
I was a little surprised with the ending to this series as the antagonist’s main goal ended up being a very yuri goal, though in terms of yuri at the end I think Aikatsu felt a bit stronger.  I didn’t really feel there was anything incredibly special about this series, but there were lots of nice bits.  Uzume and Kagami make a cute pair, Katia and Miko are adorable, and there are many more potential pairs, however Komachi and Sonnet ended up being the strongest in terms of yuri. If there was another season planned I would definitely be looking forward to it.  Fantasista Doll was a fun and relatively light series, though I feel like there are some lingering questions as far as the background plot goes.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 7/10
If you can ignore the brocon in the first and last episodes this is a comedic yet strongly yuri-leaning series.  Ilya and Miyu are a very lovable pair and they shared a lot of special moments.  Fate Kaleid had its share of action but at its root it is a slight parody of magical girl genre mixed with, from what I understand, elements of the Fate universe.  I would recommend this series and as the fight scenes tend to be stretched out, it would make a good series for a marathon.  Besides the crappy brocon dream at the end, I think my most disliked part about this series was that the pacing between action and comedy was a little weird.  Some episodes were all action, and others (like the scenes at school) generally felt too drawn out and uninteresting.  In the end though, we it turned out to be a pretty yuri-friendly series. (7.5; -0.5 for brocon)

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou 7.5/10
This series was a delight to watch and I enjoyed it until the end.  It’s in the same vein as Madoka Magika but it can stand on its own.  The plot is particularly dark and I wasn’t sure whether it would have a good end, but things seemed to come together nicely in the last couple episodes.  Luna’s feelings for Akari are canonically romantic and I’m sad the series didn’t show them resolved in some way.  The main arc ends during the last episode but it definitely feels like there’s plenty to go on if they choose to make another season.  Of course, what I really want to see is Luna confessing to Akari.

Kiniro Mosaic 8/10
An adorable slice of life with tons of yuri subtext.  Cavity inducing cuteness but with only marginal amounts of plot.  I was slightly disappointed in how they turned Shino into a kinpatsuophile but the Shino/Alice moments made up for it.  The yuri undertones where extremely strong in this series and if it wasn’t a slice of life I’d expect a couple canon yuri pairs.  Shino of course the most likely to be unfaithful.  Anyways, definitely worth a watch.  The second half of the last episode was adorable!

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
The Naru/Rinne raburabu isn’t over yet~  There is one more season of episodes!  Though I’m a little concerned…  This season seems really ominous…  Rinne is going to go and Naru is going to have no one sleep with now…

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G 7.5/10
I rated the first season of Symphogear an 8/10 and my motivation for that was it’s very strong focus on Hibiki/Miku’s relationship.  Symphogear G continues the story but lacks the same character depth that the original series had.  That said, this is a very gay anime.  We got a couple new pairings this season that while not as good as HibiMiku, are certainly very nice.  I was surprised at how well they pulled off a Tsubasa/Chris pairing and I appreciated the character development that had to take place to even make this possible.  For Symphogear G, I can definitely tell they thought the story, however I feel like the execution, especially the ending, was very weak.  They tried to cram way too much into the last episode.  The middle arc of the series, which culminated with Miku returning to Hibiki’s arms, was the most enjoyable part of the series.  A good yuri recommendation for those that don’t mind some pointless fighting. (8.0; -0.5 rushed)

Shingeki no Kyojin  7/10
Of no particular interest to the yuri community outside of a the Ymir/Christa pairing, of which there is very little screen time this season.  Besides that however, this has managed to become a very interesting and enjoyable series.  I am sad that season two has come to an end.  Definitely one of the highlights of this season. (9.0; -2.0 no yuri)

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu 5/10
This series started strong but didn’t know where it was going otherwise.  The pacing was very strange and the last episode completely left me wondering if I was watching the same series.  The middle arc where Yura becomes a monster was interesting, but the resolution felt awkward.  Some definite yuri potential but it’s not well presented.

Tamayura ~more aggressive~ 8/10
This series really managed to touch my heart even though it is devoid of any front text yuri whatsoever.  Extremely sweet and well-made.  Some episodes were very heavy emotionally and I was only able to watch one at a time for most of the series.  Art, music and direction were all very superb, and the characters were very loveable.  Now now, you must ask, why an 8?  Isn’t 8 reserved for series with yuri or so good they should get an 8 anyways?  Well, the truth is…  Not only is this series worthy of an 8 without the weight of yuri, it has some super lovely yuri moments too!  First is the mysterious Riho/Chimo couple!  Oh gosh, I wish there was more about them.  Two adult women living together in an okonomiyaki shop?  Taking trips together?  Spending New Years together?  Not to mention Chimo completely ignoring the guy who’s canonically after her?  And second, I really fell in love with Fuu/Kanae…  Kanae was definitely more into Fuu than vice versa, but their moments together through-out the season were very wonderful and I can’t help myself…   I not so secretly think about them meeting again in the near future and getting together…  Potte-buchou~!

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