Suite Precure Episodes 13, 14 and 15

I wasn’t happy with the last couple episodes, but oh well.  Everyone Precure series has blatant heterosexuality and it just comes with the meal.  Can’t count on the Precure franchise to fess up and just go all out yuri yet, I guess.  Especially since McDonalds, one of the sponsors of the series, has a poor record when it comes to LGBT issues.  I’m sure they would drop-kick their endorsement in a millisecond if Precure ever aired a publicly gay character.  Not because McDonalds hates gay people, but because they have no spine when it comes to sticking up for LGBT issues in conservative or partially conservative countries.  Anyways, I won’t rant too much.  I just want to see Hibiki get her girl.  We might have to resort to doujinshi.


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