Mid-Summer Anime Report

So hi guys.  Busy season for me.  DoujinPress is getting pretty slammed with orders and work is well, work.  I bought some tickets for Japan too so I’m heading back there to Tokyo for all of December.  I’m looking forward to it!

Anyways, here’s that anime update.  Some minor spoilers.  Ratings are conservative for unfinished seasons.  All ratings take into account yuri~

Aikatsu! 7.5/10
Amazing as always.  Episode 43 was a real winner.  Still a hardcore Ichigo/Aoi fan!

Choujigen Game Neptune 6/10
So I started this one recently.  Definitely some subtext but series-wise it’s nothing horribly special.

Dokidoki! Precure 7.5/10
Aguri/Eru came out of the blue last episode but gosh they are adorable together!  I also appreciated how Mana/Rikka came across as a parental unit.

Fantasista Doll 6.5/10
Huge potential but not sure yet.  The last episode threw in the possibility of on-going Katia/Miko and I was extremely happy.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 6.5/10
I know it’s a spin-off and a comedic take on mahou shoujo.  I know the first episode had some crappy brocon.  But seriously, I can’t stop loving Ilya/Miyu.  I guess I have a soft spot for these sorts of pairings.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou 7.5/10
Of the brand new series this summer, Genei is one of my most liked.  Akari/Luna are great and I’m looking forward to more!  My first pick, tied with…

Kiniro Mosaic 8.5/10
… this lovely, adorable, wonderful series!  Oh gosh this series leaves me feeling so many things every time.  Another must watch!

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Dropped
Dropped this one.  Even though I watch anime partly to study Japanese, I decided it wasn’t worth my time and haven’t watched past the first episode.

Love Lab Dropped
Started nice, but in episode 6 they introduced some crappy males and I am not likely to continue watching.  I think it bothers me that they have this girl character that exudes gay and is admired by every girl on campus being weighed down by some needless and baseless desire to date aforementioned crappy males.  At this rate it will turn into standard-fare ie. trash.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live 6.5/10
Okay, this one surprised me.  I rushed through season 1 so I could watch the episodes as they came out this summer.  Even though I’m getting het vibes all over the places from this one, I have fallen in love with Naru/Rinne.  They share a bed together and dream about each other and Rinne is super clingy with Naru?  And Naru is like, the best girl ever to her?  Gosh, it hits my weak spot.  Also, the cast from Edel Rose gives off some yuri vibes too.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G 6.5/10 (1st Season 8/10)
Like many series this summer, I had to power through the first season to catch up.  How did I ever miss the gem that is Hibiki/Miku?  Season 1 oozed gay all over the place and I hadn’t heard about it until just a month ago?  Anyways… So I feel into a HibiMiku hole for like 24 hours and marathoned season 1…  The story, art and music is so so, but Hibiku/Miku was basically perfect.  They are such a cute pair.  I wanted more.  So I am watching season 2 and hoping for more.  We will see.  These new girls are kind of stealing the spotlight…  Also, for the record, winterbraid said season 1 wasn’t bad at all and that’s saying something (because wintersu is uber uber uber picky with yuri).

Shingeki no Kyojin 7/10
My feelings about this show haven’t really changed.  It continues to have a very strong story and I love the artistic style.  Here’s hoping for some yuri moments.

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu 6/10
This series hurts my heart.  It has so much potential.  But I also feel like they are screwing around with me a bit.  Episode 6 was like a complete waste.  Let’s hope for something better.  At the very least though I don’t think it’s on the chopping block.

Tamayura ~more aggressive~ 7/10
Buchou and her new club member senpai are so cute.  So cute.  Along with the rest of the cast.  This series leaves me feeling deep, wonderful happiness every week and I don’t mind so much that the yuri tones are somewhat muted.  Also, Riho/Chimo what?  Don’t mind me, I like thinking they are a happily married couple.

Oh and whatever that ecchi basketball show was, I drop kicked that so fast it doesn’t even get a name or reason.

Anyways here’s some mediocre art by yours truly!

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