Fall 2013 Anime

So this season is looking okay, though not as good as summer.  Anyways, here’s what I’ve decided to try out:

New Series

Coppelion (Rating Forecast: 6.5-7.5)
Three genetically engineered girls romp around post-apocalyptic Tokyo helping people and solving the mystery.  Artwork is pretty good, though not sure if I’m a fan of the super thick black outlines on the characters.  The ED is pretty good.  Interesting but definitely lacking in the yuri vibes.

Galilei Donna (Rating Forecast: 4.0-6.0)
Three sisters and their family (which happen to be decedents of Galileo) are being targeted for some reason in a semi-futuristic setting.  It feels fairly standard as anime goes and I wasn’t overly impressed with the first episode.  Also, the sisters don’t seem very shippable and one has a canon male love interest.  That said, I really like the main character Hozuki and her goldfish AI.  Hozuki is without a doubt a genius who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, which is rare for a cute girl in an anime.  It kind of reminds me of Nadesico.  I’ll definitely give this series a shot – perhaps it will surprise me.

Kill la Kill (Rating Forecast: 6.5-8.5)
Ryuuko enters Honnouji Academy to exact information and possibly vengeance on the tyrannical student council president Satsuki.  The setting is a world in which the student council aka Satsuki is more or less a dictator of school and thus lives of the citizens.  Ryuuko has what amounts to a magical scissor blade and also comes to acquire a magical uniform.   At the start of the series, Ryuuko is quickly befriended by Mako, who is extremely adorable and spontaneous yet supportive of Ryuuko.  I am totally shipping them.  And for those that like masochism, you could also ship Ryuuko with Satsuki.  Anyways, you’ll probably hear more about this show from me as the season progresses.  Combining brutality, lewdness, naked people, vast amounts of fanservice and a knack for going too far it’s ridiculous, this anime has proven itself to be extremely entertaining and I look forward to watching it every week. The art is pretty interesting too!  (expected -1.0 at some point for something)

Non Non Biyori (Rating Forecast: 5.5-7.0)
A slice of life that takes place in the countryside among four girls, one of whom just transferred in from Tokyo.  Looks cute and I like how the girls are all different ages, though it doesn’t stand out from similar series just yet.

Continuing Series
I am still watching the following from the summer season.  See my previous posts for more info on the series, though I may do an interim post too.

  • Aikatsu! (First Season: 8.0)
  • Dokidoki! Precure (Rating Forecast: 7.5)
  • Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live (Rating Forecast: 6.5)
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