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Anonymous (anonymous) on 09-13-2016:hi
Anonymous (anonymous) on 04-29-2015:KAMUSTA NA KAYO
Anonymous (anonymous) on 12-14-2014:OK.....apparently there are 3 more chapters....and if i didn't read some one's review about the manga(including how it end's) i think i will had to murder some one......
Anonymous (anonymous) on 12-14-2014:oh comon i wanna know if they will be toghether.... WAY !!!! i wanna know!!! comon....don't let it end like this.....geee
Anonymous (anonymous) on 07-31-2014:Many thanks for the translation & download! It has been ages, wondering when ch6 onwards will be available and hope it'll be very soon.
Anonymous (anonymous) on 04-04-2014:is this site still alive? :'(
Anonymous (anonymous) on 01-28-2014:Many thanks for the release! Hope I can read the next one soon. :)
Anonymous (anonymous) on 01-05-2014:MAN! D: I can see someone falling that stairs! > __< Yandere!! \o\ Yandere!! \o/ Yandere!! /o/ And, seriously, How I love Sakura! * 3* Fall for me, Sakura, you cutie!
Anonymous (anonymous) on 01-05-2014:Thanks for the chapter, love you guys! Can't wait for chapter 6. :3
sakura (anonymous) on 01-04-2014:hey! thanks for the chapter! when is ch. 6 going to be rekease? cant wait!!!!! (>.
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