Anonymous (anonymous) on 06-14-2017:Any of y'all smell updog
Anonymous~ (anonymous) on 04-23-2015:I love this manga so much. Loved Season 1 too.
Anonymous (anonymous) on 05-30-2013:v
kouk2002 (anonymous) on 04-19-2013:Agree completely about Aki, seemed to be something there, personally think it was jealousy. I had to re-read it from the first chapter it had been so long i forgot much of the story, very enjoyable though. My only regrets are that its over, and it didn't take things a bit further towards a more substancial yuri ending, i'm sure we all wanted to see it
Anonymous (anonymous) on 04-15-2013:Perfect >v< \m/
peloloco (anonymous) on 03-02-2013:quisiera saber si saldra un cap 6?
Anonymous (anonymous) on 02-26-2013:Thank you so much!
Anonymous (anonymous) on 02-20-2013:T_T awesom
Anonymous (anonymous) on 02-17-2013:I've been waiting for this chapter for months, and I wasn't disappointed. However, I feel like the climax was a bit.... anti-climatic, (it was nothing like the climax of Blue Friend.) It's still a 10/10, however.
Anonymous (anonymous) on 02-17-2013:Thanks a lot. ^^

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