Series: Blue Friend (Manga) - Published In: Ribon
Author: Eban Fumi - Scanlator:
Doona (anonymous) on 12-02-2016:Life
istanbul (anonymous) on 11-09-2015:masterpiece!
Anonymous (anonymous) on 07-02-2013:I reread this manga again and I still love it very much. Thank you a lot for translating this!!
Anonymous (anonymous) on 04-26-2013:I love this manga....(
Anonymous (anonymous) on 04-24-2013:Thank you
Anonymous (anonymous) on 04-18-2013:After so long i finally read this, and it ends like that, true i enjoyed it but why couldnt we have gotten a true yuri end :)
Ivory (anonymous) on 01-06-2013:My heart feels so alive yet I feel broken as a beautiful series comes to an end...
MeisterKat (anonymous) on 01-01-2013:I love you guys.
Anonymous (anonymous) on 01-01-2013:Aaw, I really loved this manga :) I'm sad that it's done already, I wish there's more.
Anonymous (anonymous) on 12-27-2012:thank for translator...!!' i'm very very happy...!!' i waithing for Blue Friens season 2 chapter 5,6 and 7 '>_

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