Release & Index Policy

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Publisher and Doujinshi/Manga Artist Rights

Publisher and Doujinshi/Manga Artists have a right to request removal of their work from the Reader index by visiting the contact page and emailing Kira.  This includes the right to request the cessation of download availability on and through means officially supported by (ie. our Mediafire account). may keep remnants of the work in the database to inform visitors of the status of the work under U.S. Fair Use provisions.

About is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of translating Japanese doujinshi (fan created works).  The purpose of translation (and usually scanlation) of this material is for the following reasons:

  • Create a space online to assist in making lesbians (and gay people in general) more visible to the world by promoting lesbian-centric stories
  • Provide reasonable access to the Japanese counterpart of Western fanfiction to a niche community of followers
  • Assist with the creation of Western created doujinshi by providing a place for aspiring artists to draw inspiration from
  • Promote understanding of the Japanese culture, including tolerance
  • Promote legitimate means of obtaining officially published works

Release Policy

  • scanlations may never be uploaded to any external reader
  • scanlations may never be uploaded to websites that earn pay per click or 3rd party advertising revenue
  • Only links to the official release page should be used to provide access to the scanlation.  This allows for to seamlessly post scanlation revisions and preventing multiple versions from floating around on the Internet.  Additionally this allows to remove scanlations should a doujinshi artist request their removal.

Indexing Policy

  • indexes fan-made scanlations of manga and doujinshi as a non-profit service to the community under the Fair Use laws of the United States.  Indexing involves usage of the title and a thumbnail of the front page of the manga or doujinshi.
  • indexes into the Reader platform doujinshi for the purpose of providing a unified environment for the reading and access of fan created and unofficial doujinshi.

Scanlation Policy

  • does not release RAWs nor full resolution scans for any scanlation in order to help protect the Japanese manga and doujinshi markets.

Scanlation Groups Indexed

The following scanlation groups are scanned regularly for releases that may interest the yuri community.  Inclusion in this list is not a guarantee that any/all releases will be indexed by  Full Index is where has permission of the group to host releases on the reader and provide direct access to downloads, Reader Index is where has permission to host the material on the reader but not provide a mirror service, and Release Index implies that is only linking to said material.  This list is not exhaustive.

  • (Full Index)
  • Wings of Yuri (Full Index)
  • Tranquil Spring (Full Index)
  • MakiMaki Scanlations (Full Index)
  • Kawaii Scans (Full Index)
  • Yuribou Scans (Full Index)
  • StolenTranslations (Full Index)
  • Gaku (Full Index)
  • kono-basho (Full Index 48時待)
  • Shini-tan Scans (Full Index for Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  • Endless Abyss (Full Index for Rui-Rui)
  • Anime-RG (Reader Index for Saki)
  • Mako Scanlations (Release Index)
  • Dynasty Scans (Release Index)
  • Lililicious (Release Index)
  • Ala Atra Scans (Release Index)
  • Horobi no Michi (Release Index)
  • Tsundere Translations (Release Index)
  • Payapaya Scans (Release Index)
  • Houkago (Release Index)
  • Futari wa Pretty Anon (Release Index)

Future Goals

  • Work with doujinshi artists to provide legitimate access to a wide variety of works
  • Provide a platform for enjoying Japanese manga and other literature legitimately

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