Blue Friend Update and Vividred

Momo knows best.

So hello peoples.

Blue Friend, 2nd Season: Chapter 5 (end) is pretty close now.  I powered through the required 20 hours of scan cleaning this week and will start typesetting tomorrow.  With any luck it should be out before the end of the weekend, but that’s more of a best case scenario.  Regardless, it will be soon.

This evening I was curious about the next part of Blue Friend and decided to take a look.  The talented Eban Fumi put out another chapter of Blue Friend shortly after the 2nd season ended and I had always assumed it would be Kanako/Ao… But upon closer inspection I discovered that it wasn’t.  It turns out that it’s a spin-off one-shot entitled 虹色の彼女, lit. ‘Rainbow-colored Girls’.  It is very tempting to translate it tomorrow, but I kind of want the 2nd Season done.  Kanako and Ao make such a cute pairing.  The ending is really nice, look forward to it!  There is also some extra 4koma in the tankoubon, but they probably won’t be released right away.  Since I scanned from the original manga, my tankoubon is still in-tact.

In other news, Vividred continues to be my Thursday highlight.  I decided I liked Wakaba/Momo so much I drew a picture (above).  Aoi still seems like the winner for Akane, but as for the rest of them… Still not sure.  There has so far been no chemistry between the trope masters Shinomiya Himawari and Kuroki Rei, but we’ll see.  That would make this easy… So far it’s been way to difficult.  Akane’s screen time with all the characters makes her super pairable with everyone.  The only difference between Aoi and the rest of the cast is that Aoi was totally into Akane from the get-go.  Anyways, I guess we wait and see.

Next post: Blue Friend!

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Vividred Operation

My brain screams Nanoha.

Sooo… I had to write about this series because it’s been so fun.  I watched episode 1 yesterday and watched the recent episode 2 just now, and I must say that it looks like a winner.  There will probably be some slight spoilers so you’ve been warned (just go watch the first two episodes and then there is nothing to spoil).

Vividred feels like a mash-up of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Precure, and Rinne no Lagrange.  I didn’t see Strike Witches (yet), but I’m catching elements from there too.  Considering the demographic that the series is specifically targeting (older male audience), and the influences listed above, I have very high hopes for continued subtext.  I think the question is more how the series will handle the addition of two more characters (as hinted by the OP/ED) as well as just how strong the subtext may end up being.

Part of me feels, and secretly hopes, the series will break step from the recent orgy approach in anime and reinforce key pairings (ie Madoka Magika) rather than water them down (ie Lagrange).  This would almost be too goo to be true, but one can hope.  Also, I wouldn’t mind if they toned down the fanservice.  Let’s hope it’s like Kiddy Grade and the fanservice dies down to a quiet murmur by the end (though of course, no magic transformation sequence is adequate without some skin).

The Akane/Aoi pairing comes across as pretty strong and already feels like it will be a cult favorite.  Generally my work with DoujinPress requires me to keep track of series/pairings that may possibly become popular, and I think Vividred already has the basics.  However, due to it’s non-universal appeal because of its fanservicey nature and flat out male demographic target, it’s popularity won’t be anything like Madoka Magika.

Anyways, my forecast is as follows:

Strong mutual subtextual relationships
Predicted a 7.8/10 on my yuri meter which is just shy of the 8.5 reserved for overt lesbian relationships.  Overall a predicted 7.5/10 for the series as a whole, with negative points for too much fanservice and positive points for the sparse but enjoyable ingenuity.  Bonus points if Akane and Aoi enjoy a tender kiss on the lips and transform into goddess-incarnate.  We’ll see.

Oh yea, I want to kill the forums.  I’m so sick of this spam stuff.

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C83 Damage Report and DoujinPress Adventures

Sooo Comiket was a huge amount of fun.  Besides the part where I got incredibly sick just before the event playing mahjong in a jansou.  That’s right.  I went to Tokyo and played mahjong in a mahjong parlour.  And got two rinshan kaihou.  I was so happy.  But some jerk in that place gave me the cold. Or flu. Or something.  Anyways, the place I went to was Shibuton, and they were very friendly and helpful even though my spoken Japanese is poor.

So yeah, back to Comiket.  I was there all three days and spent something like $500.  I stood in line for Hakka-ya and then bolted to the rest of the tables.  I don’t even have a complete list of all the circles I visited because I wandered, but I do know what series I bought:

  • Madoka Magica, mostly Madoka/Homura
  • Precure, mostly Nao/Reika
  • Hidamari Sketch, couldn’t find much Yuno/Miyako but I did find Hiro/Sae
  • Rinne no Lagrange, one Madoka/Lan (I am sooo happy about this even though it turned out to be a lackluster series)
  • YuruYuri, mostly Sakurako/Himawari
  • Hakka-ya’s Saki stuff, and her Girls und Panzer book too!
  • Some original stories

Ummm… I forget what else.  To be honest, I haven’t really had a chance to look through it all much since I got back.  It’s been extraordinarily busy.  Even today, I shouldn’t be typing this.  I should be doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, packing up the last of the DP orders due out tomorrow…

Speaking of DP, I recently announced a couple of collaboration books that are relevant to the yuri community.  Here is the original post:

Starting in 2013 DoujinPress will be putting together collaboration books.  Quality entries are accepted from even non-DP artists.  These can be B/W manga pieces or full color artwork.  Collaboration books will have their own deadlines.  Each book has a theme or series.  All involved artists will be given 5+ copies of the book for free, depending on what they submit (shipping not included).  Key artists that put in more than 25% of the book will be given a cut of the sales.  Collaboration books are mostly for promoting artists, but with the free copies it’d be easy to make some money as well.  Additional copies can be purchased at artist price (email for details).

Currently planned collaborations:
Madoka Magica (Focus on witches but main characters okay too, non-adult, color, cover by PurpleKecleon)
Ib (No specific focus, non-adult, color, cover not decided)
Collaboration submissions due March 8th.

Please notify me if you are planning to submit for the books.  Collaboration submissions should be emailed to:  Questions should be emailed to  DoujinPress reserves the right to reject any submission.

If you’d like to suggest a collaboration book, please email me.

Personally I’d like to see some yuri in both books, so if you or a friend of yours is a talented artist and wants to get involved with a cool book (and assist young girls in the rewarding and righteous path of lesbianism), email me~

And lastly, I’d like to announce a new DoujinPress book from House of Sixten featuring the Lunasa x Shizuha pairing:

Autumn Children

Shizuha the goddess of the autumn leaves is filled with envy for her popular and well known sister, the goddess of harvest Minoriko. Faced with a demon’s plan and supported by the new found friendship of believer, what will Shizuha do?

So that’s that. Stay tuned for more Blue Friend and stuffs!

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Japan and Yuri

I’m off to Japan this afternoon.  Needless to say, Comiket 83 is on my list of things to do.  I’m mostly going to scout artists and make new friends who might want to publish with DoujinPress, though it’s a certain fact that I will be buying yuri doujin as well.  As of yet, I haven’t had a chance to actually see what everyone is selling besides taking a peek at Hakka-ya’s offerings.  If anyone should have a recommendation, please let me know!  I really looking for some nice yuri doujin!  Just send me an email~

On a side note, if you are a yuri fan and reside in Japan and are not a creeper, let me know too!

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Blue Friend: ~after days~

Blue Friend: ~after days~
Read it Online!

In the Blue Friend Volume 2 finale, Ayumu and Misuzu participate in a school play and make plans for their future.

Includes a very special extra illustration by the talented Ninamo. Those interested in supporting Ninamo’s work can purchase a copy of the print here.

えばんふみ Eban Fumi

Original Title:

Project Page:

Many thanks to Winterbraid, Anjou and Kasda for helping to make this release possible.  This completes the Ayumu/Misuzu Blue Friend arc.  Stay tuned for the conclusion of 2nd Season.

Please do not host or mirror this file nor its contents.

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Blue Friend ~after days~ Release Imminent

We are finishing up the last installment in the Ayumu/Misuzu saga this week and will have it available by the weekend (hopefully).  It’s going to include an extra special piece by Ninamo, so stay tuned!  Ninamo works with!  DP is Yurikai’s sister site in one of those cute, incestuous ways.  We’ll also be updating the Yurikai banner too.

Blue Friend: 2nd Season, Chapter 5 is next on the list.  I will try and power out most of the editing this weekend~

Yurikai is getting an overall sometime next year… As soon as my schedule allows it.

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Fall 2012 Anime Watchlist

It’s short.  I’m a little disappointed.  And Rinne no Lagrange was far too watered down for my taste. As soon as Muginami came into the picture we said goodbye to strong Madoka/Lan subtext.  Maybe we’ll see some nice doujin.

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb (Season 4)
Aoki Ume.  Wide faces.  Yuno.  Naked Miyako.  Expecting yuri/subtext.

Girls und Panzer
Loli girls driving WWII era tanks.  Expecting yuri subtext.
Promo #1 Promo #2

Puella Madoka Magica Movies (Part 1 and 2 of Trilogy)
These will be recaps of the series.  Nothing new here.  The 3rd movie, which breaks new ground, is not coming out this Fall apparently.

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Ib Horror Game, Doujin, Strip with Stripped

Ib/Mary 4koma #2

So I played Ib the other day. It’s a free doujin horror game that suddenly exploded in popularity. I had a couple of buttons for it at my table at SacAnime and sold out of them like 3 times. I was like… What is Ib? Well, turns out it has some awesomely creepy yuri potential and I love the idea of Ib/Mary.

Sooo… Of course, I am working really hard to get some Ib stuff made up for the next major convention in January. I’m not sure who’s submitting just yet, so I’ve started an Ib/Mary multi-part yuri doujin series.

I realize that it going to sap my spare time for Yurikai, and I feel bad for it… But for better or worse DoujinPress is growing quickly. I’m planning to attend SakuraCon, AnimeNext, SacAnime and most California conventions this coming year and I’m looking forward to possibly meeting yuri fans. Stay tuned for more news. is now my official Tumblr, so please give it a follow. Expect random yuri posts (like above).  Naturally not always work safe.

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Obligatory Post & Moretsu Pirates

Sooo… Ohisashiburi desu ne…?

Blue Friend: after days is typeset, though as it was typeset by one of my helpers I am going through the pages and correcting errors/inconsistencies.  It’s close.  It really is close.  Only problem is that I am overwhelmed with real life this week.  Things should be better next week.  This weekend is SacAnime and I have been busy preparing.  DoujinPress (My business) and one of my artists PurpleKecleon will be there in the artist alley.  Come say hello~

Recently I marathoned Moretsu Pirates so that I could proofread a doujinshi called Leisurely Nights.  My first impressions of the anime put it around 6.5/10.

I’ve since changed my mind.  Moretsu Pirates is an amazing anime and is probably surely an all-time favorite now.  I would probably give it a 8.5/10.  I started rewatching it lately and find it super enjoyable now that I’m taking the series a little slower.  I also have honed in on a certain pairing and I’m not likely to ever let it go…

Marika/Gruier are so cute together!  I can’t believe how much I like the pairing!  I went in to Moretsu knowing about Marika/Chiaki, but now that I’ve seen it all and can really ponder the characters and dynamics – Gruier seems like a much more fitting partner than Chiaki.  Both Gruier and Chiaki have strong characters, but Gruier…  She has more going for her than Chiaki, maybe?  Ignoring the princess stuff, Gruier has this way of just wanting to be close to Marika that is so cute.  All through the Ghost Ship arc and immediately after, there is scene after scene of Gruier making sure she’s close to Marika.  It just makes me swoon.  Swoooon~  They are in so many scenes together it makes me melt.  And it helps that both Misa and Ririka approved of the Marika/Gruier setup in their own ways…  How Misa called them prince and princess in episode 12 was precious.  And right before that where Marika lectured Gruier about being alone in space and stuff… Almost killed me.

Realistically though, it’s clear that Gruier is at an age where she looks up to people.   It’s also fair to say that Chiaki is a strong player in the game for Marika’s heart.  I never thought I’d watch a yuri-heavy series and want so badly for the slightly less than blatant potential partner be paired with the main character… But I can’t resist with this one.  Screw Gruier’s age.  Gruier has shown and acted upon her interest in Marika a lot more than Chiaki and if it continues, Chiaki doesn’t stand a canon chance.

Haha, I like this series too much.  I’m all worked up~

Marika/Gruier 2012!

Stay tuned for some special features~

Also, I’m thinking of wiping the forums.  Also, just plain out tossing them.  This site needs so much work it makes me cry.  Anyways, I am looking for opinions on our next step~ Join me in our channel and suggest our future: #yurikai @

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Moretsu Yuri Doujin @

I had the pleasure of accepting and editing a Moretsu Pirates doujin this weekend for our sister site, Having only heard of the series, naturally I had to watch the entire thing this weekend for the sake of accurate proofreading. It was a really enjoyable watch! It’s so very yuri! And so many girls came across as pretty gay~ It was very nice~ I am not sure if I like Marika/Chiaki or Marika/Gruier more… But I am satiated for now~

Anyways, onto the preview~

From the fabulous and talented Hinagi comes a new doujinshi based on the skirt-wearing and generally pretty gay pirate series ‘Moretsu Pirates’. Featuring the main duo, Marika and Chiaki, this doujin is sure to please just about any yuri fan.

Leisurely Night R18

Exhausted after a long day on the bridge, all Marika wants to do is take a nap… Well, that’s how it starts at least.

Hinagi is a member of the Blue Muffin circle, and this is the second Blue Muffin contribution to DoujinPress. This is also Hinagi’s second book, her first being the doujin short Erinnerungen Ferne.

And an extra lovely preview, as prepared and seen on Hinagi’s website:

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