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Blue Friend 「ブルーフレンド」 is a yuri manga by Eban Fumi. It originally ran in the girls magazine Ribon. There are 7 chapters. The first 5 chapters were released in a tankoubon September 2010, and the last two are supposedly going to be released in another book sometime in Early Spring of 2011. Blue Friend is primarily about the interactions of Ayumu and Misuzu at school as they sort through drama, misunderstandings and unsaid words in a semi-hostile school-girl environment. Buy It: Amazon JP - BK1
  • Kurihara Ayumu Ayumu gets along with everyone and doesn't like it when someone dislikes her. Her appearance and sometimes her personality are very tomboyish, but she is just a nice girl that tries to stay out of trouble. In Chapter 1, she quickly befriends Misuzu at the beginning of the school year, however this unfortunately drags her into the middle of the schoolyard drama even though her nature is to avoid it. Ayumu is sometimes naive.
  • Tsukishima Misuzu Misuzu is a quiet girl - She doesn't really talk to nor get along with most people, and she absolutely hates guys. She is a bit impulsive and not always clear with what she wants - However she is particularly loyal in her own special ways. In Chapter 1, Ayumu goes out of her way to make friends with the difficult Misuzu, and Ayumu becomes Misuzu's only friend at school. She can be a little scary sometimes.

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