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Obligatory Post & Moretsu Pirates

Sooo… Ohisashiburi desu ne…? Blue Friend: after days is typeset, though as it was typeset by one of my helpers I am going through the pages and correcting errors/inconsistencies.  It’s close.  It really is close.  Only problem is that I … Continue reading

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Moretsu Yuri Doujin @

I had the pleasure of accepting and editing a Moretsu Pirates doujin this weekend for our sister site, Having only heard of the series, naturally I had to watch the entire thing this weekend for the sake of accurate … Continue reading

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Updates and Strawberry Milkshake

Blue Friend ~after days~ is getting pretty close to completion!  We’ll be working on QC as soon as I have a free moment~ In other news, DoujinPress has just released a very yuri Vocaloid by the talented Kenneos: Strawberry Milkshake … Continue reading

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