Fall 2013 Anime

So this season is looking okay, though not as good as summer.  Anyways, here’s what I’ve decided to try out:

New Series

Coppelion (Rating Forecast: 6.5-7.5)
Three genetically engineered girls romp around post-apocalyptic Tokyo helping people and solving the mystery.  Artwork is pretty good, though not sure if I’m a fan of the super thick black outlines on the characters.  The ED is pretty good.  Interesting but definitely lacking in the yuri vibes.

Galilei Donna (Rating Forecast: 4.0-6.0)
Three sisters and their family (which happen to be decedents of Galileo) are being targeted for some reason in a semi-futuristic setting.  It feels fairly standard as anime goes and I wasn’t overly impressed with the first episode.  Also, the sisters don’t seem very shippable and one has a canon male love interest.  That said, I really like the main character Hozuki and her goldfish AI.  Hozuki is without a doubt a genius who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, which is rare for a cute girl in an anime.  It kind of reminds me of Nadesico.  I’ll definitely give this series a shot – perhaps it will surprise me.

Kill la Kill (Rating Forecast: 6.5-8.5)
Ryuuko enters Honnouji Academy to exact information and possibly vengeance on the tyrannical student council president Satsuki.  The setting is a world in which the student council aka Satsuki is more or less a dictator of school and thus lives of the citizens.  Ryuuko has what amounts to a magical scissor blade and also comes to acquire a magical uniform.   At the start of the series, Ryuuko is quickly befriended by Mako, who is extremely adorable and spontaneous yet supportive of Ryuuko.  I am totally shipping them.  And for those that like masochism, you could also ship Ryuuko with Satsuki.  Anyways, you’ll probably hear more about this show from me as the season progresses.  Combining brutality, lewdness, naked people, vast amounts of fanservice and a knack for going too far it’s ridiculous, this anime has proven itself to be extremely entertaining and I look forward to watching it every week. The art is pretty interesting too!  (expected -1.0 at some point for something)

Non Non Biyori (Rating Forecast: 5.5-7.0)
A slice of life that takes place in the countryside among four girls, one of whom just transferred in from Tokyo.  Looks cute and I like how the girls are all different ages, though it doesn’t stand out from similar series just yet.

Continuing Series
I am still watching the following from the summer season.  See my previous posts for more info on the series, though I may do an interim post too.

  • Aikatsu! (First Season: 8.0)
  • Dokidoki! Precure (Rating Forecast: 7.5)
  • Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live (Rating Forecast: 6.5)
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Summer 2013 Anime Reviews

And by anime I mean yuri anime!  And by yuri anime I mean shows that yuri seekers might like!  I am pretty liberal in what I consider yuri though…  That said, this season was pretty good to us yuri fans.  And by yuri fans, I mean yuri fans like me.

Needless to say, spoilers ahead.

And here’s some Yuno/Miyako I drew awhile back for good measure before we begin.

Aikatsu! 8/10
This series has really surpassed my expectations and has become one of my favorites.  The episodes are fun and the characters are extremely likeable.  I’ve always shipped Ichigo and Aoi because I love best friend pairings but the ending really put the strawberry on top for these two.  Normally I don’t rate higher than 7.5 for series that lack a canon lesbian pair, but this series (like Madoka Magika) is so laden with subtext and pair-ability among the characters it felt wrong to rate it any lower.  IchiAo really stole my heart away I guess.  There was perhaps one episode out of all 50 that I was disappointed with, and that’s pretty good for such a long series.  Anyways, I’m really looking forward to the next season! (8.0; +0.5 strongly gay finale; -0.5 inconsistent art)

Choujigen Game Neptune ?
I ended up dropping this series, though I might finish it later.  It feels way too frivolous to me and with no long term value.

Dokidoki! Precure
This series is still going so official rating has to wait.  I’ll talk about it more when it ends~

Fantasista Doll 7/10
I was a little surprised with the ending to this series as the antagonist’s main goal ended up being a very yuri goal, though in terms of yuri at the end I think Aikatsu felt a bit stronger.  I didn’t really feel there was anything incredibly special about this series, but there were lots of nice bits.  Uzume and Kagami make a cute pair, Katia and Miko are adorable, and there are many more potential pairs, however Komachi and Sonnet ended up being the strongest in terms of yuri. If there was another season planned I would definitely be looking forward to it.  Fantasista Doll was a fun and relatively light series, though I feel like there are some lingering questions as far as the background plot goes.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 7/10
If you can ignore the brocon in the first and last episodes this is a comedic yet strongly yuri-leaning series.  Ilya and Miyu are a very lovable pair and they shared a lot of special moments.  Fate Kaleid had its share of action but at its root it is a slight parody of magical girl genre mixed with, from what I understand, elements of the Fate universe.  I would recommend this series and as the fight scenes tend to be stretched out, it would make a good series for a marathon.  Besides the crappy brocon dream at the end, I think my most disliked part about this series was that the pacing between action and comedy was a little weird.  Some episodes were all action, and others (like the scenes at school) generally felt too drawn out and uninteresting.  In the end though, we it turned out to be a pretty yuri-friendly series. (7.5; -0.5 for brocon)

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou 7.5/10
This series was a delight to watch and I enjoyed it until the end.  It’s in the same vein as Madoka Magika but it can stand on its own.  The plot is particularly dark and I wasn’t sure whether it would have a good end, but things seemed to come together nicely in the last couple episodes.  Luna’s feelings for Akari are canonically romantic and I’m sad the series didn’t show them resolved in some way.  The main arc ends during the last episode but it definitely feels like there’s plenty to go on if they choose to make another season.  Of course, what I really want to see is Luna confessing to Akari.

Kiniro Mosaic 8/10
An adorable slice of life with tons of yuri subtext.  Cavity inducing cuteness but with only marginal amounts of plot.  I was slightly disappointed in how they turned Shino into a kinpatsuophile but the Shino/Alice moments made up for it.  The yuri undertones where extremely strong in this series and if it wasn’t a slice of life I’d expect a couple canon yuri pairs.  Shino of course the most likely to be unfaithful.  Anyways, definitely worth a watch.  The second half of the last episode was adorable!

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
The Naru/Rinne raburabu isn’t over yet~  There is one more season of episodes!  Though I’m a little concerned…  This season seems really ominous…  Rinne is going to go and Naru is going to have no one sleep with now…

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G 7.5/10
I rated the first season of Symphogear an 8/10 and my motivation for that was it’s very strong focus on Hibiki/Miku’s relationship.  Symphogear G continues the story but lacks the same character depth that the original series had.  That said, this is a very gay anime.  We got a couple new pairings this season that while not as good as HibiMiku, are certainly very nice.  I was surprised at how well they pulled off a Tsubasa/Chris pairing and I appreciated the character development that had to take place to even make this possible.  For Symphogear G, I can definitely tell they thought the story, however I feel like the execution, especially the ending, was very weak.  They tried to cram way too much into the last episode.  The middle arc of the series, which culminated with Miku returning to Hibiki’s arms, was the most enjoyable part of the series.  A good yuri recommendation for those that don’t mind some pointless fighting. (8.0; -0.5 rushed)

Shingeki no Kyojin  7/10
Of no particular interest to the yuri community outside of a the Ymir/Christa pairing, of which there is very little screen time this season.  Besides that however, this has managed to become a very interesting and enjoyable series.  I am sad that season two has come to an end.  Definitely one of the highlights of this season. (9.0; -2.0 no yuri)

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu 5/10
This series started strong but didn’t know where it was going otherwise.  The pacing was very strange and the last episode completely left me wondering if I was watching the same series.  The middle arc where Yura becomes a monster was interesting, but the resolution felt awkward.  Some definite yuri potential but it’s not well presented.

Tamayura ~more aggressive~ 8/10
This series really managed to touch my heart even though it is devoid of any front text yuri whatsoever.  Extremely sweet and well-made.  Some episodes were very heavy emotionally and I was only able to watch one at a time for most of the series.  Art, music and direction were all very superb, and the characters were very loveable.  Now now, you must ask, why an 8?  Isn’t 8 reserved for series with yuri or so good they should get an 8 anyways?  Well, the truth is…  Not only is this series worthy of an 8 without the weight of yuri, it has some super lovely yuri moments too!  First is the mysterious Riho/Chimo couple!  Oh gosh, I wish there was more about them.  Two adult women living together in an okonomiyaki shop?  Taking trips together?  Spending New Years together?  Not to mention Chimo completely ignoring the guy who’s canonically after her?  And second, I really fell in love with Fuu/Kanae…  Kanae was definitely more into Fuu than vice versa, but their moments together through-out the season were very wonderful and I can’t help myself…   I not so secretly think about them meeting again in the near future and getting together…  Potte-buchou~!

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Nobara no Mori no Otometachi: v2 Chapter 5

Nobara no Mori no Otometachi: Chapter 5
“Maidens of the Forest of Wildroses”
Read it Online!

Hatsumi decides to tell her best friend Sakura about her feelings for Izumi, but is faced with unexpected troubles.

Scene 5: “Waterside of fluttering butterflies, hidden feelings”

Author: Shirasawa Marimo

Original Title:
「5: 蝶の舞う水辺 秘められた思い」

Winterbraid (JP Proofing, QC)

Project Page:

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Mid-Summer Anime Report

So hi guys.  Busy season for me.  DoujinPress is getting pretty slammed with orders and work is well, work.  I bought some tickets for Japan too so I’m heading back there to Tokyo for all of December.  I’m looking forward to it!

Anyways, here’s that anime update.  Some minor spoilers.  Ratings are conservative for unfinished seasons.  All ratings take into account yuri~

Aikatsu! 7.5/10
Amazing as always.  Episode 43 was a real winner.  Still a hardcore Ichigo/Aoi fan!

Choujigen Game Neptune 6/10
So I started this one recently.  Definitely some subtext but series-wise it’s nothing horribly special.

Dokidoki! Precure 7.5/10
Aguri/Eru came out of the blue last episode but gosh they are adorable together!  I also appreciated how Mana/Rikka came across as a parental unit.

Fantasista Doll 6.5/10
Huge potential but not sure yet.  The last episode threw in the possibility of on-going Katia/Miko and I was extremely happy.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 6.5/10
I know it’s a spin-off and a comedic take on mahou shoujo.  I know the first episode had some crappy brocon.  But seriously, I can’t stop loving Ilya/Miyu.  I guess I have a soft spot for these sorts of pairings.

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou 7.5/10
Of the brand new series this summer, Genei is one of my most liked.  Akari/Luna are great and I’m looking forward to more!  My first pick, tied with…

Kiniro Mosaic 8.5/10
… this lovely, adorable, wonderful series!  Oh gosh this series leaves me feeling so many things every time.  Another must watch!

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku Dropped
Dropped this one.  Even though I watch anime partly to study Japanese, I decided it wasn’t worth my time and haven’t watched past the first episode.

Love Lab Dropped
Started nice, but in episode 6 they introduced some crappy males and I am not likely to continue watching.  I think it bothers me that they have this girl character that exudes gay and is admired by every girl on campus being weighed down by some needless and baseless desire to date aforementioned crappy males.  At this rate it will turn into standard-fare ie. trash.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live 6.5/10
Okay, this one surprised me.  I rushed through season 1 so I could watch the episodes as they came out this summer.  Even though I’m getting het vibes all over the places from this one, I have fallen in love with Naru/Rinne.  They share a bed together and dream about each other and Rinne is super clingy with Naru?  And Naru is like, the best girl ever to her?  Gosh, it hits my weak spot.  Also, the cast from Edel Rose gives off some yuri vibes too.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G 6.5/10 (1st Season 8/10)
Like many series this summer, I had to power through the first season to catch up.  How did I ever miss the gem that is Hibiki/Miku?  Season 1 oozed gay all over the place and I hadn’t heard about it until just a month ago?  Anyways… So I feel into a HibiMiku hole for like 24 hours and marathoned season 1…  The story, art and music is so so, but Hibiku/Miku was basically perfect.  They are such a cute pair.  I wanted more.  So I am watching season 2 and hoping for more.  We will see.  These new girls are kind of stealing the spotlight…  Also, for the record, winterbraid said season 1 wasn’t bad at all and that’s saying something (because wintersu is uber uber uber picky with yuri).

Shingeki no Kyojin 7/10
My feelings about this show haven’t really changed.  It continues to have a very strong story and I love the artistic style.  Here’s hoping for some yuri moments.

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu 6/10
This series hurts my heart.  It has so much potential.  But I also feel like they are screwing around with me a bit.  Episode 6 was like a complete waste.  Let’s hope for something better.  At the very least though I don’t think it’s on the chopping block.

Tamayura ~more aggressive~ 7/10
Buchou and her new club member senpai are so cute.  So cute.  Along with the rest of the cast.  This series leaves me feeling deep, wonderful happiness every week and I don’t mind so much that the yuri tones are somewhat muted.  Also, Riho/Chimo what?  Don’t mind me, I like thinking they are a happily married couple.

Oh and whatever that ecchi basketball show was, I drop kicked that so fast it doesn’t even get a name or reason.

Anyways here’s some mediocre art by yours truly!

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Summer 2013 Anime Yuri Forecast Part 2

There are so many potential shows this season…  Here are a couple more, though unfortunately these ones were harder to read than the other new anime~

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou (Rating Forecast: 5.5 – 8.5)
An all girl main cast and the makings of potential pairs.  This first episode fit a lot of story into a very short period of time, but it didn’t choke too bad.  The art is so so, but the character designs, animation and even music aren’t bad at all.  Surprisingly watchable, though I do hope they don’t fit so much into the next episode.  I got Magic Knight Rayearth vibes from this one, though of course it would be difficult for a cheapo Magical Girl Series about Magical Tarot cards to match MKR.  Definitely subtext potential.  Quite a bit of action in this episode, and a tentacle monster of all things.
Magical Girls, Tarot Cards, Actiony

Fantasista Doll (Rating Forecast: 5.5 – 8.5)
Another anime based off of a deck of cards, although this time they are Magic: The Gathering look-alikes and the main character gets control of living cards.  Was not as striking of an opening as Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou but definitely has potential.  The main character basically gets a harem of girls right out the door, and it seems like most of them don’t have a case of the het-cooties.
Magical Girls, MtG

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It’s been awhile ne.  I’m alive and extremely busy with real life.  Real life happens to include DoujinPress which is growing and growing.  I just got back from a day at AnimeExpo too.  And before that, I was on the East Coast at AnimeNext.  My next con is SacAnime at the end of August.

This season’s anime is super promising.  I am ecstatic with all the wonderful new pairings and possibilities.  I’m not going to go into immense detail, but here is what I’ve watched so far.  Keep in mind that my rating system is fairly straight-forward: 1-10, 10 being the best.  Ratings are weighted for yuri, and a series that lacks a canon yuri pair will never be rated higher than 8.5.  Rarely I place extremely high value on a series because the subtext blends into ‘front text’.  Something like Madoka Magica I rate as 9.5.

Summer Season: New Series

Kiniro Mosaic (Rating Forecast: 8.5)
Super adorable with a solid pairing between the main characters introduced in episode 1.  Expecting the pairing to be slightly diluted over the course of the series but still a winner.
School Girls, Slice of Life

Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu (Rating Forecast: 7.5 – 8.5)
While I don’t think the yuri subtext will be as high in this series as Kiniro Mosaic, the first episode was immensely enjoyable and funny.  Probably more yuriesque than Girls und Panzer, but we’ll see.
School Girls, Guns and Warfare

Love Lab (Rating Forecast: 5.5 – 8.5)
Big question mark here.  If the anime adaption veers from the manga and goes a more yuri route, this will be an amazing series.
School Girls, Possibly Het Ending

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku (Rating Forecast: 3.5 – 6.5)
Nothing horribly impressive about this anime, though the first two characters introduced might be a cute pair.  I’m not ecstatic about the main character’s hair style and the premise of the show is pretty weak.  Yuyushiki was most certainly better.
School Girls, Slice of Life

Still on my waiting list: Tamayura, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Symphogear G

On-going Series These are continuing from last season

Dokidoki Precure (Rating Forecast: 8.0 – 8.5)
A stellar Precure series.  I’m a huge Mana/Rikka fan and I am sincerely hoping they get more and more moments together.
School Girls, Magical Girls

Aikatsu! (Rating Forecast: 7.0 – 8.5)
I love love love this series.  So much subtext and Ichigo/Aoi make an awesome pair.  It didn’t have a strong opening during the first episodes but it’s really shaping up to be one of my favorites.  It still has it’s weaknesses but I can overlook them.
School Girls, Idols

Shingeki no Kyojin (Rating Forecast: 7.0*)
Not a yuri subtext series but still great fun to watch.  Maybe a little too horrific for me.  Here’s hoping for Ymir/Christa scenes!  And Sasha is pretty cute.  And Mikasa is pretty cute too but she’s gone down the dark path of het. (* after a -2 for lame het)
Horrific, Man Eating Monsters

Series I forget to review:

Vividred Operation (Rating: 8.5*)
I loved this series and just wished it wasn’t so blatantly fanservicey. Wakaba/Himawari are canon in my books, and Akane/Aoi might as well be canon (but not quite the ‘text as WakaHima).  The ending was a little cliche.  (* after a -0.5 for lame fanservice)
School Girls, Magical Girls

Love Live! (Rating 7.5)
Pretty good, though I would have liked more defined pairings.  Some of the music tracks are pretty decent too!  Feels less subtexty than other series.
School Girls, Idols

Yuyushiki (Rating 7.5*)
Very very subtexty comedy type of series.  The characters are fun but I did not enjoy the harem aspect.  Personally the harem lead was nothing special. (* after -0.5 for harem)
School Girls, Slice of Life


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Unyuu Random Update

I’m exhausted.  Just went hiking in Berkeley.  I tripped and fell and my girlfriend made fun of me and called me cute.  And then we went out to a nice place for dinner… Unyuu.
Oh, and before we went to dinner, we went to Daiso.  Needed bowls you see.

Of course I picked out froggy bowls~  And my girlfriend, she picked out normal ones o..o~  But these ones are better~

Oh, also.  Lots of yuri.  It’s coming.  Yep.  It’s coming.

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SakuraCon 2013

I’ll be with DoujinPress at SakuraCon in Seattle this year – Stop by and say hi!  SakuraCon is being held the 29th – 31st.  DP’s booth is in the Small Press area, booth #SP18.  We’ll have lots of yuri doujin!

Oh, and here’s some Misaki/Hatoko.  Lately I’ve been drawing a lot and I decided to draw them.  Little do most people know, they are my all time favorite pairing.  Though, I’d say Madoka/Homura rank equally with Misaki/Hatoko… It’s just that I didn’t grow up writing fanfiction for MadoHomu.

Also, Madoka-sama loves you.

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Vividred Episode 7

I think this adequately sums up Akane’s relationships.

Himawari: Friend with one of those promises.
Wakaba: She’s finally got an opening to be Momo’s Nee-san*.
Aoi: Waifu.

Is it just me, or does Aoi seem to be the only one genuinely upset here?  Hmm…  Though there was heavy tomato innuendo this episode…  Maybe this has something to do with Akane’s tomato?


* And lover.

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Blue Friend, 2nd Season: Chapter 5

Blue Friend, 2nd Season: Chapter 5
Read it Online!

In the final chapter of Blue Friend, 2nd Season, Aki stirs up trouble for Kanako and Ao.

About Blue Friend: 2nd Season
Blue Friend, 2nd Season is a new serialization with different characters than the first series (Blue Friend). The first chapter was published in the July edition of Ribon. The manga ran for five chapters, and this is the last chapter.

えばんふみ Eban Fumi

Original Title:

Published In:
Ribon (りぼん) 11/2011

Project Page: http://www.yurikai.com/blue-friend-2nd-season

Thank you Winterbraid for proofreading~

Please do not host or mirror this file nor its contents.

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